Technology and You

Whether you love it or not, technology is here to stay.

Your neighbor boasts he just bought a i9 processor with 512 gig of RAM and 64-bit Windows 10 Ultimate. You are still wondering how to program your VCR.

Computers work for some people but not for everybody. Some businesses use computers to track clients, keep books, draft flyers, and even design their products. What do you do? This is 2020, but not everyone wants to be a rocket scientist. Some people just want to keep the chaos down to a dull roar and make a living.

Computers are more like a piano than a toaster. After you buy one, the learning time begins.

The Power of the Internet: Email. Online Brochures and Newsletters. Tie them all together and link to the World. Gather prospect email addresses. Do research from your desktop. How to get found and do some selling.

File Servers share your office data and resources once your business outgrows a peer-to-peer network. With a server, backups are simpler, security is simpler, control and remote access is easier. Should you move to the "cloud"?

Hackers, Viruses, Trojans, Hijacks, and Spyware are real and getting worse. A little education of your staff in safe computing is a wise investment.

Client Tracking: Who needs what? Who paid late? When did you see who last?

Word Processing: The potter's wheel. Spin and polish your words. Spin presentations into articles into brochures into books. Store all these documents without paper.

Databases: The Rolodex in your computer. Is yours still in a free label-printing program you downloaded six years ago?.

Accounting: Untangling your books. Move from shoe box to Quicken to Quickbooks.

Kip Barkley gives you a fun program on how to Empower Your Office with Technology.