February 2018, or Thereabouts

With October approaching, hurricane Irma has done her damage and Hurricane Maria has missed us. The politicians continue to tweet and rant. Our world is a shaky place. I still answer my cell when clients call. Its time to entertain you with techie tips and my next occasional newsletter!

I present myself as the “Computer Wizard.” I am the technical person with social skills who brings productivity improvement to your 2 to 25 computers, servers, software, hardware, and Internet applications in your office network, old or new.


Fake Renewals. With the new year come fake renewal notices for your corporation. Unscrupulous agents will charge you three times for what you can do yourself. The same applies to fictitious name and domain renewals. Carefully read the notice you receive to determine who it is really from.


Baiting is a scam in which you are offered free movie or music downloads and instead receive malware that messes up your computer. Better to deal with people you know. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't.


Old PCs may not do well with Windows 10. The hardware may not support the new operating system. Microsoft may not download updates for the processor you are running. When upgrading your operating system, it is safest to just put it on a new machine. Plus some of your older programs may no longer run. Do test the compatibility of everything you depend upon, before making a leap.


Cloud Backups are wonderful. You store a set of your data outside of your office and you may even be able to access it from anywhere. That's really handy. But this storage may also be vulnerable to a crypto-locker virus. Once this menace finishes encoding your local data, it might be able to move on to your cloud. You still need a backup that is isolated from your office and the Internet, so the bad guys can't get to it,


Slow Hard Drives. As a hard drive fails over time, there will be an increasing number of read and write errors. These errors will not be reported to the user, but the error-correcting firmware in the drive will make fixes. The drive will thus slow down without other indications. Windows Disk Error-Checking will report nothing, but might now take several hours to complete. An attempt to create an image of the disk will show errors. You can replace the disk for less money than a new PC, but if the PC is over four years old, consider replacing it instead


Destroying Old Hard Drives. Your local hardware store will sell you a torx wrenches. These look like Allen wrenches and come in sets. With the correct size torx wrench, you can remove the seven screws that fasten the top to the drive and open it. Now you can see the top shiny disk platter that holds your information. You can either remove more screws and take out the platters or just pound and bend them with a hammer. No only the CIA can extract your data. If you are not a suspect, this pounding should be sufficient.


Business is about Relationships. Remote monitoring cannot compete with the personal attention of a visiting techie. Yes, moving to the cloud reduces your support needs. Yet, it is the local techie who can walk into your office and notice what you do not see or do not find interesting.

Most of new technical business comes though referrals. Mine, too. Yes, and thank you for your referrals.


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