September 2017, or Thereabouts

With October approaching, hurricane Irma has done her damage and Hurricane Maria has missed us. The politicians continue to tweet and rant. Our world is a shaky place. I still answer my cell when clients call. Its time to entertain you with techie tips and my next occasional newsletter!

I present myself as the “Computer Wizard.” I am the technical person with social skills who brings productivity improvement to your 2 to 25 computers, servers, software, hardware, and Internet applications in your office network, old or new.


Hurricane preparation means backup. As the storm approaches, unplug your PCs, place them in plastic bags, and get them off the floor. The power will at least flicker and that can cause problems. Water can come in anywhere, so place equipment high.

If you are running your business management programs from the cloud, you can evacuate and resume your business anywhere safe that has Internet access.


Hurricane Recovery. After Irma passed, the big problem starting back up, if you still had your roof, was copiers. What with the power glitches going on, I saw copiers lose their settings or IP addresses.

Electronics becomes confused by power fluctuations. Turn everything off. First turn on your Internet connection and let it finish its boot cycle. Next, turn on any routers and switches you have. These two can become confused. Next, turn on your Server, if you have one, and let it finish its boot cycle. Next turn on your workstations. Say a prayer, and see what is still working.


Think about what you have learned from this experience. If one back up is good, three are better. will give you a backup to the cloud that you can access from anywhere. OneDrive and iCloud can also do automatic backups. I like automatic. I don't have to think about it or remember anything.

How much of your business can you get onto your smart phone? I can get documents, spreadsheets, and financial statements. If I used the cloud-based version of Quickbooks, I could have all my numbers. If I used Google Docs, I could have all of my office on my cell. Windows 10 Annoyances can include scanners that stop scanning. But on 95% of everything, the automatic update does an amazing job.


Office Copiers are now the central printing and scanning device in the typical office. The copier is on the office wireless network with its own IP address. Now there are cell phone apps for name brand copiers and printers. Since you are already saving your cell data minutes by joining the office network, link to the copier and print emails and photos. Your security person may become interested in what you are doing.


Cell Phone Charger. You probably have a battery backup on your Server and Workstations, These are designed to keep your PC running when the lights flicker. When the lights stay off, everything will shut down. Unplug your battery backup and turn it off. Now you can turn it back on to charge your cell. It has a battery, you know. This is more comfortable than sitting in your car to charge your phone.


Second Email. In this world where anything can crumble, It might be wise to setup a backup email account. Select a second provider. You use their generic domain, like,, or That way, in case your primary service crashes, you are ready with a backup and do not have to figure out how to create one on the spot.


Business is about Relationships. Remote monitoring cannot compete with the personal attention of a visiting techie. Yes, moving to the cloud reduces your support needs. Yet, it is the local techie who can walk into your office and notice what you do not see or do not find interesting.

Most of new technical business comes though referrals. Mine, too. Yes, and thank you for your referrals.


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