May 2016, or Thereabouts

With May here, our taxes are done and hurricane season is coming. The politicians are ranting on TV. Our world is a shaky place. I still answer my cell when clients call. It’s time to entertain you with techie tips and my next occasional newsletter!

I present myself as the “Computer Wizard.” I am the technical person with social skills who brings productivity improvement to your 2 to 25 computers, servers, software, hardware, and Internet applications in your office network, old or new.


Windows 10 is taking over. Microsoft wants to kill off earlier versions of Windows. You will be encouraged, coerced and tricked into installing this free download. This is rarely a problem for a home user. The question to ask is, is all the software that you depend upon compatible?

Which version of Quickbooks are you running? Do you use custom practice management software? Ask your vendors what works. Test the upgrade on one expendable workstation.


Fishing Emails? If the message is not so unique that only the sender could write it, don't open the attachment or the link. There can be bad things in .docx and .pdf files. Also in photos and a DropBox link. Don't open it!


Windows 10 Annoyances can include scanners that stop scanning. Popular features will be moved to new locations. Microsoft Edge will replace Microsoft Explorer and your PDF generator. Remote access features that your support techie depends upon may be different. Your screen might flicker. Wi-Fi may need some adjustment.

But on 95% of everything, the automatic update does an amazing job. Just insist on upgrading on your own schedule, one machine first, so you don't shut down your business.


OneDrive is a 5 gig automatic backup to the Cloud that comes free with Windows 10. For those who don't backup, here is a salvation. This is a set-it-and-forget-it backup. If you need more that 5 gig of storage, pay $2 per month and you are covered.

Windows 10 is designed to look more like your cell phone because, everyone knows, users hate their PCs and depend upon their phones. Welcome to 2016.

====== offers software that makes Windows play nice with Gmail. Whether you use personal or domain linked Gmail, this program allows you to enjoy the Google access, storage, and lookup features and get rid of clumsy email client programs.


Internet Browsers. One browser no longer fits all websites. Microsoft Explorer is morphing into Microsoft Edge. Google Chrome and Mozilla Foxfire can open pages that Explorer cannot. Set as the default whichever browser that works best for you. Life is not as simple as way back in the era of the Netscape browser. Explorer 8 on your Windows XP machine is no longer all that secure.


Many Users: Rename your Administrator account to something else. Create a second administrator account as a backup and use administrator only for maintenance.

Create a user account for your regular work, even if you are the boss. Match user names to current employees. It makes them feel more secure. Deactivate old and unused accounts.


Business is about Relationships. Remote monitoring cannot compete with the personal attention of a visiting techie. The local techie who can walk into your office and notice what you do not see or find interesting.

Most of new technical business comes though referrals. Mine, too. Yes, and thank you for your referrals.


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